Low Power And Extreme Temperature Can Damage Laptop Batteries

Leaving your laptop battery when the battery is weak is a fatal mistake that many people do. Even though when the laptop battery is weak, we should immediately charge it to avoid a drastic decrease in battery performance. If we continue to let it be weak and not charged for a month or more, the battery life will decrease, for example, your battery can last for two hours but because it is left and not charged in a weak condition for a very long time, then when used can only hold for 25 minutes only. Meanwhile, if your laptop battery is broken, we recommend you to call Computer Repair Philadelphia.

Then, do not expose your battery to extreme temperatures such as heat or cold. When the battery is exposed to hot or cold temperatures, the contents inside the battery will also be damaged quickly. Laptop batteries, in general, are most often exposed to hot temperatures usually caused by laptops working hard so that the temperature rises. The cause of a laptop whose temperature is increasing is usually due to the use of an old laptop or using your laptop on a mattress or a soft surface so that it closes the air circulation under the laptop.

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