Confused In Making A Warehouse? Here Are Some Appropriate Position To Make A Warehouse At Home

It seems like only yesterday did house cleaning by throwing out items that are worn out and not used anymore, but a moment later other items came and piled back up to sometimes make us a little upset. You have also made sure that you have saved some unused machetes in 自存倉.

Shouldn’t you start thinking about making a warehouse? and below are some of the right positions that you can use to create warehouses which include the following:

1. A warehouse under the stairs
This location is perfect for those of you who have more than one storey house. Usually, this room under the stairs is wasted and useless. Now to anticipate this vacancy you can add a bulkhead of plagiarized material to cover this location and make it a warehouse.

2. Warehouse in the corner of the house near the kitchen or bathroom
Sometimes in making a house there are some narrow spaces that you can use as a storage warehouse. This location is usually at the end of the corner around the bathroom or kitchen. You can also add a special room that is used as a warehouse at this location, and next to it you can also make a special room for helpers.

3. Warehouse on the top floor of the sun
Usually in big cities with narrow land makes the homeowners choose to build their house with two to three floors where the last floor deck is used for drying clothes. Why not use a warehouse in this area instead? The only drawback is that you need to go to great lengths to achieve it because of its location which has to go up and down the stairs of the house.

4. Warehouse above the room ceiling
Not creative if the name can not create special storage space for us Indonesian people. We are famous for the creative community, including in choosing where to make the warehouse. Some choose to store unused goods on the ceiling of the house before the ceiling has been added reinforcement in the form of wood and boards. For this location, you are required to sort which items you want to keep, as much as possible choose the lightweight. Do not store the refrigerator in this location if you do not want to recklessly refrigerate another day.