The 3 Simple Photography Tips For Beginner

Here are several photography tips for the beginner photographers that event photographer Singapore hope would increase your knowledge and skill. We sure that some of these 3 tips are already known by some of the readers. However, we hope the ones that haven’t been read yet could become the new information for you.

1. In order to train your panning skill, take the picture of a moving object with normal speed (the people who ride a bike for example), use the shutter priority mode and set the shutter speed to the maximum of 1/30 seconds, the slower the better. Pay attention to your background.

2. To get the macro pictures (very close distance), activate the live view feature of your digital camera so that’s easier for you to check the depth of field and focus.

3. The CPL filter is very useful to remove the sunlight reflection on water and mirror, and also be able to fix the color of the sky.

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