This Vitamin Claims Able To Reduce Allergies In 7 Days

Many symptoms are felt if someone has certain allergies. Starting from shortness of breath, runny nose, to sneezing that is difficult to stop. Allergy symptoms often inconvenience sufferers, even to the point where they can not carry out their normal activities. Everything is done to prevent the appearance of these symptoms, such as avoiding allergens and other triggers. But many people do not know that vitamin can actually relieve symptoms of allergies vitamin c tablets.

This vitamin is vitamin D. Research shows that most people do not realize that they are deficient in vitamin D. Even though this vitamin works effectively against H. pylori bacteria that cause inflammation and allergic symptoms. Not only cause allergic symptoms, but these bacteria are also known to be associated with stomach cancer.

In one study, vitamin D was known to relieve allergies caused by H. pylori bacteria in a short time. Research shows that consuming 4000 IU of vitamin D every day can reduce allergy symptoms by up to 30 percent within one week and 40 percent within 12 weeks.

Researchers later realized that vitamin D is an important nutrient to ward off infections. Based on a study, it was found that without adequate intake of vitamin D, T-cells related to the immune system will not be able to work effectively against infections.

Other research that focuses on the effects of vitamin D on H. pylori bacteria also shows that the body will seek vitamin D intake when it will deal with infections caused by these bacteria. Some of the symptoms of allergies are actually the result of inflammation caused by H. pylori bacteria, for that the role of vitamin D is important for preventing and alleviating it.

To avoid inflammation that can trigger allergic reactions, researchers recommend meeting the needs of vitamin D in the body. Vitamin D can be obtained through foods such as mushrooms, eggs, salmon, and other fish. You can also take supplements, but make sure if you want to take supplements, this must be according to doctor’s instructions so as not to cause side effects. And the most important supplement must come from natural ingredients.

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